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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

HTAP (Hackney Transients Art Project

London Met Fine Art graduates and (deviant) Art Festival regulars Charlotte Young and Matt Blackler have been selected as artists for HTAP (Hackney Transients Art Project), a show using the transient nature of Hackney and its residents as it's focal point. A fortnight long exhibition of the work will open at the beginning of June.
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Friday, March 06, 2009

Yo David!?!

Sorry for the unorthodox way to get hold of you, but the real reason for this post is to get hold of your new email, your old doesnt seem to work anymore.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Micro Performance Evening

Frog Morris presents...

Micro Performance Evening

A variety of intimate and yet informal performance curated by Rebecca Birch.

8.30pm Thursday 13th November

The Montague Arms
289 Queens Road SE15 5RZ
New Cross Gate / Queens Road Peckham

Entry £3 (£2 conc.)

Rebecca Birch
Karla Newman
Top of the World
Renee O'Drobinak
The Unwrong Quiz
with Mark Quinn & Frog Morris
Indoor Fireworks Night with Daniel Lehan & Charlotte Young

This evening the performers will abandon the main stage and come down to interact directly with people in the pub. You are invited to take your drinks around the bar to share a table with each of the performers. It’s a bit like speed-dating, but you don’t have to be single to enjoy the entertainment.

The evening takes places in The Montague Arms, which described by the London Paper as ‘The best pub in the country’ and was voted number one pub by The Rough Pub Guide : A Celebration of the Great British Boozer’. Once you get in side it is easy to see why. Montague Arms is a venue stuffed full of stuffed animals and other odd items collected over its long history. The same family have run the pub for over forty years and they can tell tales of east-end gangsters, blue comedians, punks, cockney sing-alongs, prog rock, coach trips and dancing girls who weren’t what they said they were. They also serve a decent pint of beer. You won’t find atmosphere like this in many other places anymore.

For more information please contact Frog Morris,
Tel : 07909 540 840

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